Arab Group writing to the German Minister of Justice about circumcision

Dear Federal Minister of Justice in Germany Ms. Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger

We are the first Anti male circumcision online society in the Arabic world. We represent Muslims, Christians and agnostics against circumcision. This is our Facebook group:

On behalf of our group, we congratulate you on the brave ruling of the court in the city of Cologne that outlawed male circumcision and deemed it to be equivalent to grievous bodily harm. I can’t describe how happy we are with this landmark ruling and how important it is to save many children in the world. Thank you a thousand times for it. We would like to express our total solidarity with you and hope we can cooperate in ultimately restricting male circumcision as much as possible.

We trust your strong belief in human rights, child rights, and individual liberties, and your readiness to exert your best efforts to protect them.

If a well-reputed country in human rights like Germany succeeds in banning Male Genital Mutilation (MGM), this would positively and greatly affect us, for the following reasons.  First, other countries would also be encouraged to do the same. Second, some of our opponents claim that male circumcision cannot be harmful since no Western country has “completely” banned it (for example, Holland and Australia only banned performing MGM in hospitals but not clinics so the operation still goes on underground). Thus, if your respected country succeeds in completely banning MGM, this weak argument would not be used against us any longer in our struggle to protect baby and adolescent boys.

Because of the “intellectual terrorism” in our conservative societies, our voices are low and it doesn’t help us if countries in Europe have some level of tolerance for some religious groups regarding this crime.

Routine male circumcision violates the Convention on the Rights of the Child (Adopted and opened for signature, ratification and accession by UN General Assembly resolution On 20 November 1989, and Date of Entry into force is 2 September 1990).

We have experience in Muslim dialogue. We have engaged in heated debates over the past years with pro-circumcision enthusiasts. We have heard all the arguments and provided the counter arguments. We would be happy to help whoever may be concerned.

All we can do is to appeal to you in the name of children everywhere not to yield to the pressure of the Muslim and Jewish groups in Germany that condemned the ruling and insist on continuing that assault on sexuality.  Also, please try to prevent them performing circumcision in other countries via “circumcision tourism.”

Let us not allow this barbaric crime to be inflicted on children. This is not just about Germany but about all children of the world. We are speaking from a humanitarian perspective and believe that circumcision, even that for religious or cultural reasons must be completely prohibited from pole to pole in every country in all humanity.

Yours truly.

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