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Child-bride bleeds to death on the night of her wedding

Source: There are sadly many cases of little children being forced into marriages with older adults these days.

A 13-year-old Yemeni girl, bled to death on her wedding night after her uterus ruptured during sexual intercourse with her 30-year-old husband, authorities said.

The local news media reported this week that the girl’s family asked the groom to be sentenced to death according to tribal customs, invoking the local sheik to support their demands for justice.

“I ask for God’s laws over those of men, I demand revenge, I demand the death of the murderer of my daughter,” the distraught mother said this week in presenting her testimony with the local police.

Local human rights group called Saving Children said that the tragedy highlighted the need for the state to issue a minimum legal age limit for marriage and to start a national awareness campaign of the dangers of having sex with little girls.

The news media also reported that the husband, Aden, rejected any responsibility, blaming the tragedy of the death of his young wife on her ill health and refusal to be considerate of his needs.”

Saving Children warned activists against the new trend in Yemen, of marrying their daughters very early, saying that “extreme poverty and lack of education” were to blame.

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