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When doing “something” is worse than doing nothing at all: My thoughts on the so-called “Muslim ban”.

At times, doing “something” really is worse than doing nothing at all. The so-called “Muslim ban” is a perfect example of such an act. The worst aspect of fear is its capacity to overshadow our sense of reason at a time when we need it most.

To be clear: fear of Islamist terror is *not* irrational, but that doesn’t mean any action taken in response is helpful.

To reiterate:

This ban does NOT:

1) Include the worst exporters/propagators of terror (Saudi Arabia primarily, but also countries like Egypt)

2) Include any countries of origin of the 9/11 hijackers

3) Include the countries of origin of the Orlando shooter (U.S citizen, family from Afghanistan), nor of the San Bernardino couple (U.S / Saudi / Pakistan), nor the Boston Bombers (Kyrgyzstan / Soviet Union)

4) Prevent the rise of the “home-grown” terrorist, those who are citizens of the West by birth. An estimated half of British jihadis were born in the UK as children of immigrants, and the number of terrorists radicalized while residing in the West is reportedly rising.

5) Tackle the root of the problem head-on. Islamic terror is an *ideological* struggle, and the only lasting solution will be an intellectual dismantling of its tenets.

This ban WILL:

1) Give Islamists perfect fuel for their “victimhood” narrative, which they use to gain sympathy with Westerners and progressive Muslims alike.

2) Damage efforts to integrate Muslims in the West who can be a boon to the nation and to the fight against terror IF successfully integrated (or a detriment if alienated).

3) Separate families, with some members trapped in extremely unstable environments. This gives rise to feelings of despair and resentment from those who are already here and cannot help their loved ones.

4) Bar the gates to many refugees fleeing ISIS, the group facing the brunt of Islamist violence. While true victims have fewer chances of making a life here, actual terrorists can find other ways to come in.

5) Give us a false sense of security. An unearned feeling of accomplishment can be more dangerous than none at all.

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